Drakensang Onlineicon-download
  1. The Goblin Treasurer // Drakensang Online
  2. Mines of Firmstone // Drakensang Online
  3. Antonia’s Past // Drakensang Online
Rogue Stormersicon-download
  1. In Your Face // Rogue Stormers
  2. Garg // Rogue Stormers
  3. Stomp-run // Rogue Stormers
Shards of Waricon-download
  1. Singularity // Shards of War
  2. Hostile Takeover // Shards of War
  3. Shattered Skyline // Shards of War
  4. Sentinel for Hire // Shards of War
EndWar Onlineicon-download
  1. Bring Them Down // Demos
  2. Standing Ground // EndWar Online

Latest news

Star Citizen

Jonathan was asked by Pedro Macedo Camacho to write additional electronic music on his score for Robert Space Industries’ acclaimed Star Citizen. Using several... Read More
June 2016

Rogue Stormers

Jonathan scores Rogue Stormers, a run and gun roguelike shooter coming to PC in 2016. Developed by Black Forest Games of... Read More
April 2016

Drakensang Online

Jonathan has written new music for Drakensang Online, used in the Perils of Time event. Staying true to the universe and... Read More
March 2016

Arizona Sunshine

Teaming up with Vertigo Games and Jaywalkers Interactive, Jonathan is writing the original soundtrack to the HTC VIVE powered action game ‘ARIZONA SUNSHINE’. Arizona... Read More
May 2015

Shards of War

Jonathan is composing new music for BigPoint’s award winning multiplayer game SHARDS OF WAR. The new music will be released alongside a coming... Read More
March 2015

Terraria: Otherworld

Jonathan is composing music for Terraria: Otherworld – the latest installement in the Terraria franchise. Developed by Re-Logic and Engine Software,... Read More
February 2015

Photos by event-foto.nl

Interstate Chase // Demos
  1. Interstate Chase // Demos
  2. Forthcoming (ft. Jeff Ball) // Demos
  3. One Man Army // Demos
  4. Bring Them Down // Demos
  5. Where to Strike // Demos
  6. SYNC // Demos
  7. Exile // Demos