After The Fall (TBR)
Arizona Sunshine: Quest
Honor of Kings
Arena of Valor
Monopoly Sudoku
MOTOR VR Experience
ZAPP: Tweede Dimensie
Arizona Sunshine: Damned
Arizona Sunshine: LBVR
Arizona Sunshine: Deadman
World of Warplanes
Arizona Sunshine
Star Citizen (add. electronic music)
Hasbro’s Battleship
Tom Clancy’s EndWar Online
Garfields Count Me In
Garfield vs. Hotdog
Tricky Towers
Albert Heijn: Techie
Rabobank PinPin
Shards of War
Drakensang Online: Perils of Time
The Settlers Online (christmas theme)
Rogue Stormers
Heaven’s Hope
Hocus Puzzle
Kick & Fennick
War Commander: Rogue Assault
The Walking Dead: Zombie Pop
Messi Space Scooter
March of War
World of Diving
99 Bricks Wizard Academy
Giana Sisters: Rise o/t Owlverlord
Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit web
Sims Medieval web
Eyepet Move Edition
Sky Defenders
Coca Cola Axon Runners
DisneyXD Phineas and Ferb webgame
Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island
Fairytale Fights
Adam’s Venture: Origins
Adam’s Venture Chronicles
Munchie Mania
MidEast Crisis 2


Hocus Puzzle international TV Spot
Farmerama international TV Spot
Microminds international TV Spot
Short: Selfiezekerd
Envision Ion Therapy
Glycocalyx & Fenestrae
Adjuvant treatment for leukemia
Injectable cartilage plasters
Targeted Radionuclide Therapy
Radboud University Education short


Tricky Towers original soundtrack
Rogue Stormers original soundtrack
Heaven’s Hope original soundtrack
Shards of War original soundtrack
Distant Echoes Remixes EP
One Big Album
Games In Concert 2 (Metropole Orchestra)


The Unfinished

Synthwave, Praxis, Skyline
Gravastar, Borealis, Luminae, Humankind, Kronos, Elysium
Ferox, Colossus, Horizon I/II/III/V
Drumstruck 2, Nostromo, Aphelion
Doomsday, Darkscore I-V, Polaris, Ammunition, Stratosphere


Kalimba Shakti De


bio_largeJonathan van den Wijngaarden

Jonathan van den Wijngaarden is an award winning composer and audio director credited on titles across multiple platforms. As an independent composer he has defined his style by blending electronic textures and sounds with orchestral elements. He has written music for clients such as TENCENT, UBISOFT,

gic_01Jonathan was hooked on videogames ever since his father brought home their first personal computer to the household. As he dove deeper into music creation, a long time wish to work in the Games Industry grew stronger.

At the age of 16, being a huge Command & Conquer fan, he contacted FRANK KLEPACKI, composer at Westwood Studios at the time, who further acknowledged Jonathan’s potential to realize his dream, by then taking him on as his apprentice, encouraging him to pursue the goal of becoming an industry professional.gic_02

In 2007 Jonathan’s music for his first videogame project HAVEN was performed live by the Metropole Orchestra and Pa’dam choir. After having worked at Coded Illusions, Jonathan worked with Playlogic on titles such as EYEPET MOVE EDITION and FAIRYTALE FIGHTS, which resulted in earning him a DUTCH GAME AWARD in 2010. Jonathan has also been awarded a GERMAN DEVELOPER AWARD and an INDIE PRIZE AWARD for his work on GIANA SISTERS: TWISTED DREAMS.

As an independent composer Jonathan has written music for franchises such as HONOR OF KINGS, STAR CITIZEN, WORLD OF WARPLANES, TOM CLANCY’S ENDWAR ONLINE and ARIZONA SUNSHINE.

Sekond Prime

sp_logo_transApart from producing video game scores, Jonathan also writes retro electronic music and remixes under the name of Sekond Prime. Blending cinematic music and 80s influences, music by Sekond Prime have been praised by industry professionals and listeners. During a contest held in 2014 by TOM HOLKENBORG (aka JUNKIE XL), Sekond Prime’s 300: Rise of an Empire remix was handpicked into his personal top 5.


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