Use of Color EP

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Every piece of music is as much about telling a story as it is about evoking emotion.

This is something I experienced at a very young age; as my dad played soundtracks I would be taken by the story evoked with music. Growing up I developed my wish to create stories, worlds even, of my own. A dream which I pursued when I started writing music for games at the age of 19 after mentoring with Frank Klepacki. Early PCs had been a big part of our household and videogames and their music quickly captured my imagination.

In recent years I have been fortunate to work on incredible projects allowing me to tell their stories through music. My work can be heard in titles such as Honor of Kings (Tencent), World of Warplanes (Wargaming) and the best selling VR game Arizona Sunshine (Vertigo Games / Jaywalkers Interactive).

  • Had not expected this to arrive so soon. But perfect timing on my birthday. Now I only need the game 😆 #zelda #skyward #amiibo #loftwing #nintendo
  • Figured it was time for a #newprofilepic
  • First play! @muse #vinyl #remix #anniversary
  • Literally down the street 🙂 #landscapephotography #summer #nature
  • Game of @civgame with my 8 year old. Teach them young!
  • Past months have been really busy. But this EP is still growing and moving forward. Wrap on another track. Aiming to start recordings on the live elements next month. Excited to show more!
  • The whole @afterthefallvr score is a love letter to @johncarpenterofficial and classic horror / action scores. Going through final mixes I realize how much those iconic scores have influenced me growing up!
  • Counted at least 7 bees on this plant alone. Makes me happy 🙂 #savethebees
  • Recording some bass for the EP. Yes its still moving forward 🙂
  • Looking forward to share some more info about the @afterthefallvr score soon. Had fun experimenting the old and the new on this one. Have a good weekend!
  • New enemy showcase now the official @playstation blog! Also featuring some of the music I wrote for the game. More soon!!
  • That was fun. I really want to do these more on instagram too but need to find the time. Plans to boot it is 🙂 Enjoy the weekend!
  • This and my phone. The perfect new mobile rig for creating new killer sounds on the fly. One day I’ll fit my entire studio in a backpack (my back already hurts at the thought of that 🥴)!
  • @sounddevices MixPre recording the @korgofficial #Arp2600 🙂 Some cool new sounds to be created passing through some pedals.
  • Enjoy the weekend!
  • Have a productive Thursday everyone! Working on some new music today 💪 . @sequential_llc @korgofficial @strymonengineering @sounddevices @genelec_oy @artnovion @moogsynthesizers @official_line6